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Customer Testimonials for Central Florida Reeper

J Paul - 2014 Oreion Reeper

J Paul here from The Samp People Tv show! I met Randy Rivers at the Florida Expo in Tampa and fell in love with this Machine. When Randy told me they were Street Legal, I was amazed and this would be perfect for me and my dad in Louisiana! Good luck Randy and Central Florida Reeper and thank you for being a fan of our show! The greatest side by side I ever saw!!! Jay Paul

Holk Hogan - 2013 Oreion Reeper

Hey brother! Get down to Central Florida Reeper in Sorrento Florida and Check out these Street Legal UTV's! They are awesome and Todd and Randy will take care of you. They have financing for most everyone out there! So what you gonna do brother when the Reeper runs wild on you! HH

FRED - 2013 Oreion Reeper Base

We fell in love with the Red Reeper, we are the first customer to buy from them! We loved it so much we traded it in with 5k miles and bought a lime green XL with a lot improvements! We will be back for a Sport model

Mr. & Mrs. Roa - 2015 Oreion Reeper XL

Drove from Tampa and picked up there new Reeper. They are going to have a lot of fun with there friends in River Ranch. Have fun and thank you for your business and welcome to our Reeper family!

Mr. & Mrs. Fisher - 2014 Oreion Reeper Tony The Tiger

Drove from the Florida Keys to come get there Reeper! The Reeper is going to be a hit there!! Thank you for your business and welcome to our family!!!!

Mr. Nolan and his Son - 2015 Oreion Reeper XL 4x4

We live in Clermont and drove to Central Florida Reeper to buy the Reeper from Randy, he opened on Christmas eve so we could surprise our son on Christmas. We are having a lot of fun with it! A few years later, we bought the 4Door and once again he opened Christmas eve and delivered the Reeper to us! 

Mr. Rolfe - 2015 Oreion Reeper XL 4X4

Drove from Ft. Lauderdale to pick up my new Reeper. Going to have a lot of fun with this!